Struggling From Inflammation? These Can Help

Struggling From Inflammation? These Can Help

At some point everyone struggles with the effects of inflammation. It is part of the human process to age and as a byproduct have negative inflammatory effects. Sometimes this happens because of a particular cause that we can control and other times it is completely based on genetics and our environment.

If you are struggling from inflammation, that doesn’t mean that you are necessarily sick. There are millions of people who have chronic inflammation, but are not actually getting any healthier. This chronic inflammation is caused by eating too many foods (such as gluten and dairy) that are unhealthy and not eating enough healthier options.

In this article, we’ll help you to better understand what is causing the inflammation, but more importantly give you some ideas on how you can avoid it.

Fighting Inflammation

Here are a few of the best ways that you can fight inflammation:

Fish oil / omega-3 – This type of fat, called omega-3 DHA / EPA, is actually very beneficial for your brain and body. It is one of the main ways that you can reduce inflammation whether it is in your joints or other areas of your body. With a few grams of omega-3s in your diet, you’ll have a much better healthful experience.

Garcinia cambogia – usually you will find garcinia cambogia as a weight loss product, but there are some really great anti-inflammatory effects as well. Even though it has been popularized in a variety of different areas, you can buy garcinia cambogia and try it out without risking too much money or your health.

CoQ10 – this is another anti-inflammatory agent that you can use in order to get rid of oxidative stress and other chemicals that can cause damage to your brain and body. It is best if you have CoQ10 and can use it to improve the health of your mitochondria, which are elements of each cell.

If you’ll go back to school biology, remember how important your energy factories are? That is why mitochondrial health is so important for inflammation and how to use CoQ10 to do so.