One Way to Build Better Memory

There are plenty of ways for you to improve your memory formation with repetition and other practices. Of course, eating right and dieting are the best ways for you to build the best memory you possibly can because they are healthy lifestyle choices. However, it is possible to build better memory with only a few important ingredients.

stackThe ingredients that we are about to share are what is commonly referred to as a “nootropic stack” that will help you to better improve your memory. By far the most important thing that you can do is add these ingredients slowly and with intention so that you can determine if it is actually helping you or not.

  1. Piracetam – this ingredient is the key as it is a 1960s drug used today for Alzheimer’s and other memory related disorders. It is potent and powerful and it is one of the safest beginner nootropics you will find.
  2. Choline – with piracetam you should definitely start using a choline source as your second addition to the stack. You might find that it is a great way of improving your memory on its own, but combined with piracetam is even more effective.
  3. Sulbutiamine – this is a synthetic derivative of thiamine and it is a memory enhancer as well. Adding this should be done with caution on top of the piracetam and choline, but it is a good option.
  4. Aniracetam – back to the racetam family of drugs, the next on the list is aniracetam. This is a more quick acting and stimulating nootropic, but it also helps with memory in a slightly different way than piracetam

With these 4 ingredients you should be good to improve your memory and have better mental performance.