Is Cold Brew Better for Your Brain?

Improving brain health doesn’t have to be as hard as it is made to be by some people. Instead of looking for the latest and greatest supplements to improve brain health, it is sometimes good to find a higher quality product that you currently use. For example, there are probably billions of people worldwide who drink coffee semi-regularly, but there is a better way of drinking coffee that is fairly recent. This new method is called cold brew and it is catching on for more than flavor alone.

It turns out cold brew is less acidic, which means it has less side effects on the brain. This means that you can prevent the burnout of the adrenal glands that often comes when people consume too much caffeine. Cold brew is not a catch or fix-all solution if you are drinking too much caffeine, but in general it can be a lot better for your brain. More than just your brain, it can help you to prevent burnout that can cause long term damage. You can buy l-theanine capsules to counteract some of the side effects of the caffeine in the coffee.

If you are feeling like a bigger change is needed from your coffee routine, maybe cold brew isn’t for you. Instead, there is a great combination of of caffeine and L-theanine that is in pill form. This supplement is a great way to increase your cognitive performance and concentration without many of the negative side effects that come from coffee. Even though coffee has a lot more than just caffeine, it is a major part of the beverage that can cause problems later on.

For people who are working in an office and have the need for a boost at certain intervals of the day, getting cold brew coffee is a better option than if you went the traditional route. While there are always alternatives to coffee, you’ll probably find that caffeine is a potent and effective nootropic!